Urban Living Environment for a Sustainable Society

Within 30 years 70% of the world’s population will live in urban areas.

Within 30 years the percentage of the population over 60 years of age will have doubled.

One of the Nordic’s leading construction consultancies

Indealsia has a passion for the urban milieu. We develop environments in which people can meet, feel at home and grow, and that build on their need for nature, culture, technology and social cohesion. Indealsia has a unique breadth of financial expertise with engineers, lawyers and landscape architects who work in interdisciplinary teams to develop secure and robust assets.

Our team develops communities with consideration

Urban development is a global trend that drastically affects our values and lifestyles, as well as placing demands on access to both dynamic living environments and efficient infrastructure. A robust urban infrastructure generates both everyday convenience within a city and flexible regional commuting to nearby towns, creating opportunities for more people to choose to remain in the region without the need to move to its major urban centre.

Sustainable urban development is fundamental to promoting the welfare of people and ensuring responsibility for our common living environment. For Indealsia, sustainability is very much about adapting the city to meet the individual needs of its inhabitants. Security and public health, the development of capacity-fulfilling infrastructure and modern buildings and the closing of social divisions within cities are all important cornerstones of what we do.

Contextual management for attractive urban areas

Indealsia makes it possible to realise the vision of an attractive and sustainable environment with well-honed infrastructure. We are one of the Nordic’s leading construction consultancy groups and the partners we work with are always just as committed to sustainability as we are – whether they operate in the public sector, capital market or private enterprise.

We aim to balance large-scale, well-planned infrastructure projects with real estate. Only then can we cater to the small-scale and nurture our microenvironments. We also want to make room for cultural environments in which every level of development is welcomed and represented; from establishment artists to street artists, from major performers to the local garage band.

We believe in taking responsibility for sustainability from a holistic perspective, with factors such as the greenhouse effect, toxicology, biodiversity, governance and social and financial sustainability all interacting. If we shoulder our social responsibilities, then together we can meet the future in a way that leads to a more inclusive and sustainable society.

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