Who we are

Indealsia is a company that manages and develops real assets in urbanised areas and in towns and cities where demand outstrips supply. We are a member of the Pontarius Group, which is one of the leading urban planning consultancies in the Nordics, and operates globally.

The group’s history began in 2006 with the development of airports and seaports, before moving on to take on projects in the road, rail and property sectors. Together, we integrate business development, finance, law, management and technology into a holistic perspective. Pontarius plans, designs, manages and refines infrastructure and property projects – always with consideration for bringing people together.

Indealsia influences the complete urban planning chain, from initial planning to operation and maintenance, at both an operative and strategic level.

At Indealsia, we develop today’s and tomorrow’s living environments, in which social equity and sustainability go hand in hand with sound business and economic growth.

This is more than an ambition, this is Indealsia’s promise; a promise that is clearly reflected in our company name taking inspiration from Ancient Egypt. The ancient deity Sia was the personification of intuition, helping people to make wise decisions, and of inventiveness, facilitating human creativity and organisational ability. During antiquity, Sia represented the power of knowledge and morality. All these attributes are guiding principles of Indealsia’s business.

The group has

  • 350

  • customers in state and local government and in the private sector:

  • 1 200

  • ongoing infrastructure and property projects;

  • 50

  • geographic markets in which we are currently active;

  • 100

  • consultants


This is us

Our Group consists of 100 urban planning specialists with expertise in aviation, ports, roads, railways and real estate, all with integrated legal, financial and capital management. Among our number we can count civil engineers, construction planners, economists, lawyers, and landscape architects. Thanks to our broad team, we are able to create customised structures for every project.



Board of Directors & Founders

The Pontarius Group was founded in 2006 by Johan Odeberg and Johann Rollén. Indealsia’s Board of Directors currently consists of Johan Odeberg, Johann Rollén and Tuire Niemi. The company’s auditor is Fredrik Sjödén at KPMG

We collaborate with

Through Barnfonden (a member of the ChildFund Alliance), Indealsia donates solar cell lamps to children in rural India. Solar cell lamps allow children and their families to have light in their homes even after dark. Even during the daytime, it may be too dark to learn indoors as many houses have few or no windows.

The children we work with are eager to learn and these lamps make it possible for them to do their lessons and read books at home. Rural areas often lack street lighting and these portable lamps make it safer for both children and adults to move around outside after dark.

The lamps are charged by solar energy during the day and can then be used once darkness has fallen. Good for the children – good for the climate.

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