Immense pressure on emergency accommodation for vulnerable groups

A municipality in western Sweden is planning to build new overnight apartments for women in need in the municipality, with major focus on the design of the apartments and their surrounds. The decision to increase the availability of this type of accommodation in the future is a result of the municipality having noticedthe immense pressure being placed on the emergency accommodation currently available, in combination with a growing population.

Inside, the apartments will meet all basic needs: there will be access to laundry and cooking facilities as well as bedrooms and bathrooms. Part of the challenge isinstalling all necessary functions in as small an area as possible, in order to make the project financially viable. The design and the choice of materials must also promote a safe and secure environment for the residents.

The plan is to construct the building with finished, pre-fitted modules that can easily be moved as necessary, and in total the project will cover 118 square metres containing six overnight apartments, two of which are wheelchair accessible, along with a staff room and an equipment room/storage area.

The emergency accommodation is intended for individuals who find themselves in vulnerable situations and are in need of safety and security. Many such individuals are struggling with homelessness and serious addictions. It is both an honour and an inspiration for Pontarius to have been appointed project manager for this important project.

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