We develop sustainable solutions for the infrastructural challenges faced by Sweden

Both the trade and news media present a similar picture of the societal changes we are facing. Our cities are growing, urbanisation is continuing, the population isincreasing and we are living to an older age. This, in combination with increased commerce, creates a need for smart solutions for society. Demands are being imposed, among other things, on climate-smart energy and infrastructure solutions and more efficient property construction – something that has also become an important component of decisions regarding major infrastructure investments, not least within the framework, for example, for the Stockholm Negotiation and the National Negotiation on Housing and Infrastructure.

According to SALAR and the Swedish government, over SEK 700 billion will be invested in railways, roads and shipping alone during the next ten years, and Swedish transport infrastructure is thus facing major challenges in the future.

Within the Pontarius Group we work actively to ensure that we are in a position, based on these challenges, to be able to contribute to society’s development in the best possible way through our clients and our business model. We have 350 clients within the government, municipal and private sectors. We perform 1,200 assignments within the business segments Aviation & Airports, Seaports, Roads &Streets, Tram & Railways, Landscape Architecture and Real Estate.

In all our projects we integrate technology, finance, management and law – to ensure that no perspective is overlooked. Our business model enables us to act as a support function for our clients in the complex and changing contexts in which both they and we operate. This is a challenge that requires knowledge about technology and the environment, law and finance, and business development and organisation. We are driven by a passion to improve the results and performance of our clients; both at an organisational level, and for the products and services they offer.

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